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Only Forever with a Billionaire

Only Forever with a Billionaire

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She wants stability. He wants flexibility. But what they really need is each other.


  • Best friend's sibling
  • Afraid to commit
  • Protective cowboy
  • Single mom
  • Ticking clock
  • Thrills and adventure


She wants stability. He wants flexibility. But what they really need is each other.

Charlotte Wheaton, a single mom, is trying to make ends meet and protect her fragile heart.
Wyatt Jones is a rough-around-the-edges cowboy with no interest in marriage or family life.

Forced to dance together at a wedding in London, they fight against their mutual attraction because there’s a major problem. Wyatt is her brother’s best friend, meaning he must have a wild history. Charlotte is his best friend’s sister. That means she’s off-limits.

However, when Charlotte’s brother leaves for his honeymoon, two different people from her past threaten to upset the delicate balance that she’s created in her life. Wyatt is compelled to protect her. They go to his Texas ranch for a week to escape, but they can’t seem to stay from each other—even though she desires a commitment and he swore off marriage.

But the freedom of the open range works its magic, helping her risk letting her hair down, and prompts him to open up to what he’s been trying to avoid.

She wants forever. He only wants now. Will the time they have together be enough?

This is book 4 in the Only Us Billionaire Romance series. Each book stands alone but reading them in order provides a deeper, richer experience. It is a sweet, “clean and wholesome” romance without swearing or mature content and contains a happily ever after.

Chapter 1 Look Inside

Chapter 1: Charlotte

Charlotte Wheaton had once fallen in love. Or so she thought. His name was Montgomery Douglas. After a year of courtship, she accepted his proposal and vowed her life to the man. She believed it was forever. They had a daughter. She’d done everything in the proper order, followed protocol, and checked off the boxes. She thought she had gotten it perfectly right. But then how had everything had gone so wrong?

As she arrived at Robertson Royal Gardens for her brother Will’s Wedding Eve party—a combined bachelor and bachelorette party slash rehearsal dinner—, she couldn’t help but think about how she had done everything by the book and failed. Meanwhile, her brother did everything out of order, backward, and unconventionally, but had somehow succeeded. She wasn’t jealous or bitter, just curious. How did he manage to have a modeling career, build a gym empire, and find everlasting happiness?

Meanwhile, she juggled several jobs, was a single mum, and alone.

She couldn’t bring herself to step out of line or do anything he considered normal—things that were wild, reckless, and sometimes ridiculous.

Except for Emma. There was nothing absurd about her. Will had somehow found the love of his life. It was clear, by the way they stole little glances at each other while they greeted guests, that she felt the same way.

In fact, her brother’s odd ability to make lemonade out of lemons had trickled into how the two women had met—not that Emma was in any way a lemon; no, she was more of a peach. A perfect peach and they’d become good friends.

Charlotte had been walking the dogs (job number one) and ran into Emma at a park. They’d met a few times randomly after that, then for tea where Emma consulted her about her love life. Now, she was marrying Charlotte’s brother. Small world? Small city? Or was it fate? Destiny? Charlotte wasn’t sure, but she did know that she was fated, destined to be alone.

A long sigh escaped as her cousin, Juliette, approached with wide-open arms. They kissed on each cheek in the European style. Juliette started chattering, asking about the proposal, the wedding, and the honeymoon. She wanted all the details.

Then, in her thick French accent, she said, “Where are my manners? I am so thrilled for William I forgot to ask, how are you, cousin?” Except, since she was French, she used that pronunciation of the word even though it was spelled the same in both languages.

“I’m well, thank you.”

Charlotte’s lips lifted into a smile, but her heart wasn’t behind it. The truth was, she hadn’t been feeling quite herself since Sydney, her guardian and best friend, had passed away after a long period in a coma. The loss had sapped the reserves of her strength, resilience, and tenacity. Most days, she was running on fumes, like a car in desperate need of gas.

“How is your darling daughter, Birdie?”

At the sound of her daughter’s nickname, Charlotte perked up.

She was the one thing that kept Charlotte going. “She’s wonderful. With her grandmother this evening, but she will be with us tomorrow.

She’s very excited to be the flower girl for the wedding.”

“Grand-mere?” Juliette asked, using the French word for grandmother. “She’s with her grandmother on her father’s side.” Charlotte’s voice tightened and she swallowed back a swell of emotion.

Growing up, Charlotte and Will’s mother spoke French to them and they were both fluent even though they grew up in London. However, speaking the language, heck, even hearing it, brought up mixed emotions for Charlotte. On the one hand, it felt familiar, like home, as close to her heart as breathing, but on the other, it brought to mind another loss she’d had to bear.

“Ah, l’idiot,” Juliette said at the reminder of Charlotte’s ex-husband. She thought most men were idiots, but that didn’t stop her from having many romantic trysts, which she saucily divulged every time the cousins were together.

Will had been like that, going from girlfriend to girlfriend, then had been with what Juliette referred to as a tarte, before finding true love with Emma.

Charlotte knew she’d never find love again because for her it would have to be forever—a lifelong commitment. With her ex out of the picture, it was up to her to provide a stable life for Birdie. Romance didn’t fit into that equation, which was sure to only end in a split. She couldn’t go through that again.

There were other male figures in the young girl’s life. In the past, Will hadn’t proved to be the best role material, but Will had turned his life around in a lot of ways. They’d lost Sydney, who was like a grandfather to Birdie and a father to her.

Charlotte sighed again, and Juliette gripped her forearm. “Non, non, non. We are here to celebrate. Not commiserate about how we’re still single. Now, let’s go mingle.” She pulled Charlotte into the growing crowd. She leaned in close to Charlotte’s ear. “Now, that Emma is royalty, I insist you introduce me to the most eligible bachelors and we’ll inquire whether they have a brother for you.” Juliette laughed.

As they made the rounds, Juliette kept to Charlotte’s side as if she knew her cousin would’ve found a quiet place to sit, pull out her phone and read or do something else equally introverted. Charlotte wasn’t one for big crowds and flashy events. She preferred the quiet, simple life.

“Tell me how it turned out your brother fell in love with a princess who didn’t know she was royalty?” Juliette asked.

Charlotte smiled. It was a good story, a romantic one—Charlotte’s favorite kind despite not having much in the way of romance in her own life.

She explained how the Jones sisters learned of their royal status. “Emma’s sister, Penny, soon-to-be queen of Concordia had stumbled into Burklingham Palace as a cook and came out with a prince on her arm. No, actually, a baker,” she corrected herself.

“Ooh. Speaking of baking. Those pastries look delicious,” Juliette said, helping herself to a chocolate caramel crème puff as a server passed with a tray piled with confections.

“Okay, with that question answered, tell me why did your brother and his fiancé opt to have a combined hen party and bachelor party and the rehearsal dinner? Why all at once?”

Charlotte shrugged. “It had to do with timing. And they didn’t want to make a big fuss with multiple parties.”

“The Wedding Eve party sounds like a big deal,” Juliette said around a bite.

“When has Will done anything differently?”

They both laughed because it was true.

“If there is something big, he wants bigger. Something fancy? He wants fancier. If there’s a fast car, he wants one faster.”

“Charlotte, how is it you and your brother are so different?”
She shrugged. Will had it all.

Private jet? Check.

Multiple international residences? Check.

A billion dollars? Check.

“I suppose you’re right. William couldn’t just marry an ordinary girl. He had to go and marry a princess. I suppose that leaves us with a lot to live up to.” Juliette winked.

Charlotte’s ideal man, though completely fictional because she never intended to marry again, was quiet, simple, stable. He preferred nights in, perhaps a museum visit or a stroll in the park on Sunday afternoons, and didn’t go for extravagant. Montgomery had been that way, but then he found someone who was the opposite of Charlotte.

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